Soil texture triangle: Hydraulic Properties Calculator

Soil Texture Triangle

Hydraulic Properties Calculator

% Sand
% Clay
Percent Sand
Percent Clay
Wilting point
(cm³ water/cm³ soil)
Field capacity
(cm³ water/cm³ soil)
(cm³ water/cm³ soil)
Sat. hydraulic conduct.
Available water
(cm³ water/cm³ soil)
(in water/foot soil)

Enter values for percent sand and percent clay and click on [Calculate]
to obtain the soil properties for the respective sand and clay.


Permanent Wilting Point
is the water content at a matric potential of -1,500 kPa (-15 bars). It roughly corresponds to the lower limit of the Available Water.
This value is expressed in (units³ water/units³ soil).
Field Capacity
is the water content at the upper limit of the Available Water or drained upper limit. It roughly corresponds to a matric potential of -30 kPa (-0.3 bars) in most soils and to -10 kPa (-0.1 bars) in sandy soils.
This value is expressed in (units³ water / units³ soil).
Available Water (AW)
AW = (FC - PWP) This value is expressed in (units³ water / units³ soil), or rather, percent water.


Dr. K. E. Saxton
Pullman, WA 99164-6120
Phone: (509)335-2724
FAX: (509)335-7786


K.E. Saxton et al., 1986
Estimating generalized soil-water characteristics from texture.
Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. J.

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